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E8 The Complete Jane Austen Children's Stories 8 Books Collection Set Easy Classics

Артикул: E8/D17(2)
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  • Страна
  • Год издания
    2020 г
  • Автор
    A. A. Milne
  • Характеристика
  • Состояние
  • Формат
    20x13x7 cm
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E8  The Complete Jane Austen Children's Stories 8 Books Collection Set Easy Classics



Clever and confident, Emma is positive that she can find the perfect husband for her new friend Harriet. But with one mistake after another, Emma realises that she might not understand people as well as she thought. In fact, she might not even understand her own heart.

Pride and Prejudice

Mrs Bennet is desperate to find rich husbands for her daughters, so the arrival of a charming new neighbour is welcome indeed. Sadly, the friend he brings with him is not. Mr Darcy seems to have even more pride than money. Nobody likes him - least of all Elizabeth Bennet. But not everyone is who they seem.


Eight years ago, Anne was persuaded not to marry Captain Wentworth. Now he is back, rich, handsome and still unmarried. While everyone wonders which lucky lady will become his wife, Anne can't help hoping for a second chance. A chance to prove that her mind may have once been changed, but her heart never had.

Sense and Sensibility

Elinor and Marianne Dashwood have very different ideas about love. Marianne wants to be swept off her feet. Her sensible sister Elino's feet are always firmly on the ground. But when their father dies and they are forced to move to a new home, will there even be room for love at all?


Love and Friendship

Laura has lived a fairy-tale life until a stranger knocks on her cottage door. Then her adventures and her troubles begin. In dramatic letters, Laura tells of heartless fathers and runaway children, long-lost grandfathers and thieving cousins. Hers is a story of doomed love, fierce friendship, and the unexpected dangers of fainting.


Mansfield Park

At ten years old, Fanny is sent to live with rich relatives at Mansfield Park. Fanny doesn't fit in there but she is grateful for the friendship of her cousin, Edmund. Years later, the arrival of Henry and Mary Crawford upsets their quiet lives. With even Edmund acting differently, can Fanny stay true to herself?


Northanger Abbey

All Catherine wants is to be like the heroines in the books she reads. On her first trip away from home, she finally gets her chance. A new friendship and a growing love lead her to the spooky Northanger Abbey. There Catherine will find that a little imagination can cause a lot of trouble.

My Story Journel

A cute journal designed to inspire young writers to foster their imagination and write their own stories. About Jane Austen Children's Stories:From the gardens of Pemberley to the spooky halls of Northanger Abbey, join some of literature's most iconic heroines on their path to self-discovery and true love.An adaptation of Jane Austen's famous stories, illustrated to introduce children aged 7+ to the classics. About Sweet Cherry Easy Classics: Sweet Cherry Easy Classics adapts classic literature into stories for children, introducing these timeless tales to a new generation.


Год издания2020 г
АвторA. A. Milne
Формат20x13x7 cm
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