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E71 Jumps & Shout 10 Pictures Books Children Collection - Ages 0-5 - Paperback Set

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E71 Jumps & Shout 10 Pictures Books Children Collection - Ages 0-5 - Paperback Set
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E71 Jumps & Shout 10 Pictures Books Children Collection - Ages 0-5 - Paperback Set


Titles in This Set

  • My Dad is a Bear
  • Santa's Tight Squeeze 
  • What Should a Horse Say? 
  • Mr Darcy and the Christmas Pudding 
  • Jump and Shout
  • Ava's Spectacular Spectacles
  • Hodge Podge Lodge
  • How Many Dinosaurs Deep?
  • Rose's Red Boots
  • Marvellous Mummy


My Dad is a Bear

He is tall and round like a bear. He is soft and furry like a bear. My dad is a bear! The perfect Fathers Day and any day book which explores themes of fatherhood, childhood relationships and love.

Santa's Tight Squeeze 

It's Christmas Eve, and Santa finds many treats left for him while delivering presents throughout the world. But as Santa keeps eating, his belt gets a bit tighter. Will he fit down the chimney?

What Should a Horse Say? 

Farmer Rochelle owns a cow that says 'moo moo, ' a sheep that says 'baa baa, ' a chicken that says 'chick chick' and a horse that says ... 'chick chick'! What on earth could be wrong with Farmer Rochelle's horse? A playful farmyard story full of animal friends and the noises they make.

Mr Darcy and the Christmas Pudding 

Mr Darcy loves making his famous Christmas pudding. But what happens when Mr Collins drops by unexpectedly?

Jump and Shout

Jump and shout.... clap and cheer on this rollicking adventure with a lively family. Join them as they swing, skip and tumble through the neighbourhood on a joyful day out.

Ava's Spectacular Spectacles

Ava is not keen to wear her glasses in front of her friends. That is, until her teacher convinces her that the characters in fairy tales would have been much better off if they had been wearing their glasses.

Hodge Podge Lodge

The Pigwigs live happily in Hodge Podge Lodge. One morning, all their rubbish is blown away causing mishaps with their neighbors. Little Miss Pigwig has an idea that will help keep Hodge Podge Lodge and its surrounding environment tidy. An amusing story that teaches children about the importance of recycling and taking care of the environment.

How Many Dinosaurs Deep?

Little Jim is not quite sure that he is ready to move from the baby pool to the middle-size pool. Can a group of splashing, sploshing dinosaurs help him face his fear?

Marvelous Mummy

From being brave to being silly, Mummy makes every moment special. A heartwarming gentle picture storybook that explores themes of mother and child, family, love, play, and activities.

Rose's Red Boots

One bright autumn morning, Rose and her cheeky companion, Banjo the playful dog, head off to fly their kite. Key themes are: autumn, outdoor play, pet care, friendship and adventure.

Формат25x22 см
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