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Q500 Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 5 Read with Oxford Phonics for Age 5+ - 16 Books Collection Set

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  • Страна
  • Год издания
    2020 г
  • Издательство
    Oxford University press
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Q500 Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 5 Read with Oxford Phonics for Age 5+ - 16 Books Collection Set

There’s a reason why the Biff, Chip, and Kipper series has stood the test of time when it comes to children’s reading – even after 30 years. These books are renowned for helping children to learn how to read from a young age, guiding them with everything they need to become budding young readers while following the lovable characters.

Parents and teachers are huge advocates of these books because they are dedicated to teaching children all about phonics. There are different learning levels that work with young readers as they become more confident and start to recite different sounds. To make the Biff, Chip, and Kipper books more interactive, these also include fun puzzles and activities including ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ which can be a great way to reward children after they have successfully completed one section. Children will enjoy putting the letters and sounds together to make everyday and familiar words that help to build their vocabulary.

The Biff, Chip and Kipper books have helped millions of children to read, all around the world. This series is jam-packed with 16 books and is perfectly suited for children aged 5. Working alongside the national curriculum and early years learning, these books provide a gentle approach to understanding and using phonics in a way that all children can understand. Over 80% of the nation’s primary schools use the Biff, Chip and Kipper books which make learning plenty of fun. There is a clever balance between following the loveable characters on one adventure after another while maintaining the simple aim of teaching children to read in clear stages. Young readers can work their way through these 16 books and 3 stages in their own time, while parents will clearly be able to see their child’s confidence in reading and phonics progress. Authored by Roderick Hunt back in 1986, these eye-catching and action-packed books are a great way to motivate children into reading while they learn at the same time. This collection is a great way to capture all of the Biff, Chip and Kipper books for children aged 5.

Titles In This Set:

  1. The Flying Machine
  2. A Knight in Town
  3. The Ogre's Dinner
  4. Princess in the Tower
  5. The Secret Pop Star
  6. The Strange Old House
  7. The Travelling Players
  8. What a Journey
  9. Egyptian Adventure
  10. The Fair-Haired Samurai
  11. The Beehive Fence
  12. Flood!
  13. Key Trouble
  14. A Good Turn
  15. A Lucky Find
  16. Fireball in the Sky


In this Read with Oxford Stage 5: Biff, Chip and Kipper collection, children can put on a play in the Middle Ages, This collection contains 16 stories that are ideal for children who are beginning to read independently. There are tips for parents and fun activities throughout the book for you and your child to enjoy together. Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the dog are the well-loved characters from Oxford Reading Tree, used in 80% of primary schools.

With exciting stories, humorous illustrations, tips for parents and after-reading activities, this series is the perfect companion from your child's very first steps in phonics all the way to reading independence. Featuring much-loved characters, great authors, engaging storylines and fun activities, Read with Oxford offers an exciting range of carefully levelled reading books to build your child's reading confidence.

The Flying Machine
Find out what happens to Floppy in Ancient Egypt and join Nadim and Anneena as they help invent a flying machine!

A Knight in Town
Chip is surprised in A Knight in Town when the magic key brings them home in the middle of an adventure. Is the adventure really over?

The Ogre's Dinner
The magic key takes the children to a land of ogres in The Ogre's Dinner. Will Lee find his first adventure too scary? What do ogres eat for dinner?

Princess in the Tower
Biff and Wilma meet two princes trapped in a tower in Princes in the Tower. Why are the boys there? Can the girls help them to escape?

The Secret Pop Star
Who is the secret pop star and what is he running away from? Can the children help him in The Secret Pop Star?

The Strange Old House
In The Strange Old House the magic key takes the children to a strange old house at night. They are worried. Who will they find there?

The Travelling Players
In The Travelling Players the children save the day when a plot to stop some travelling players performing their play is uncovered.

What a Journey
Mum and Dad decide to take the family on holiday by train in The Journey, but the journey is not quite what they expected.

Egyptian Adventure
Nadim’s model book leads to an adventure in Ancient Egypt. Floppy is mistaken for an important dog, and the children have to help make a pyramid.

The Fair-Haired Samurai
Kipper enjoys aikido classes. But will it come in useful in The Fair-haired Samurai when he is in a magic adventure in ancient Japan?

The Beehive Fence
Children can read how Biff overcomes his fear of bees, join Chip, Wilf and Nadim on the very first Scout camp, and find out what happens when Kipper trains as a samurai!

It just keeps on raining and raining. The stream overflows and the park is flooded. What will happen if the rain doesn't stop?

Key Trouble
Kipper has a magic adventure he doesn't like. and he learns that it is not a good idea to get cross with the magic key.

A Good Turn
Chip, Wilf and Nadim are Cub Scouts in A Good Turn. Can they do a good turn when the magic key takes them to the very first Scout camp?

A Lucky Find
Kipper and Lee take the dogs for a walk and make an exciting discovery in A Lucky Find.

Fireball in the Sky
Children can find out what happens when the children discover a strange creature from outer space, meet a secret pop star and join a family of ogres for dinner!

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Год издания2020 г
ИздательствоOxford University press
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