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6P80 Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 2 Read with Oxford for Age 4+ School Early Learners - 16 Books Collection Set

Артикул: 6P80/D18/7
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    2020 г
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'Parents often ask me to recommend reading books that they could buy for use at home . . . I would definitely recommend this series.' Clare Kirtley, teacher, educational author and consultant

'Lots of fun and action packed into a few well chosen words’ Junior

'a ‘must buy’ for parents who have little ones embarking on their big adventure to school for the first time. . . they definitely work at keeping a child’s interest, whilst also teaching them to read. The perfect combination!’ Toddle About online

These 16 stories have been carefully levelled to support you and your child as they develop early reading skills. 8 stories provide phonics-based reading practice, while 8 use everyday language to help broaden your child's wider reading experience. All the stories feature much-loved characters and humorous illustrations, as well as tips for reading together and fun activities. Once you have enjoyed the stories in this collection, read on with the stage 3 collection.

Titles in this set:

  • Such a Fuss
  • Dragon Danger
  • Floppy and the Bone
  • Missing!
  • Poor Old Rabbit
  • The Backpack
  • The Sing Song
  • Quick! Quick!
  • The Moon Jet
  • The Raft Race
  • The Red Coat
  • The Spaceship
  • Wet Feet
  • I Can Trick a Tiger
  • Shops
  • Super Dad

Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the energetic dog have been guiding and providing support for children across the globe in learning to read, these young children characters have been encouraging kids to develop the love of reading for the last 30 years. These characters are from Oxford Reading Tree and these beloved and friendly bunch were created all the way back in 1986 by author Roderick Hunt and the wonderful illustrator Alex Brychta who created the beautiful artwork to support the story and context. The series are now read by more than 30 million children and over 100 stories have been published! He wants to stay connected with children today and keep them engaged and interested in their stories.
The first books by Hunt were published in 1986, but spiked in popularity in particular 2015-2016 after these books were borrowed more than one million times, making it the first time he has appeared in the top 10. Now, it has been translated into many languages including more than 120 different countries. The books were originally aimed at children between ages 4 to 9, and it formed part of an English language syllabus which was in line with the National Curriculum.
Biff, Chip and Kipper through the past several decades has captured the attention of millions of children learning to read and are also regularly ranked in the top 10 of children’s favourite characters. Due to the magical and fascinating nature of the stories, it is certain to hook your children into reading as they follow these characters' journey, so you can be confident your children will be developing their language skills too. The stories are brimmed with funny tales, drama, vibrant illustrations, charming characters to inspire, excite, spark curiosity in children. As mentioned previously, this is perfect for the National Curriculum and the way the books have been categorised and grouped makes reading development an important factor for the child.

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Год издания2020 г
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